Team Fundraising Event

WE BakeOff by Workshops Empowerment

Team Fundraising Event


A Bakeoff Challenge by Workshops Empowerment


A little background: 

For 120 years, WE, Inc. has provided employment opportunities for adults with disabilities.   As a part of that work, WE, Inc created its own product line which includes cake mixes.  Check out the WE Made shop!


In March 2022, (WE, Inc) launched a new fundraising event called WE Bake.    WE Bake is a team baking challenge where teams create a dessert using the Workshops Empowerment cake mixes. 


Here are the details: 

- Baking Teams of 2-6 amateur bakers registered for $125.

- WE, Inc provided the teams with baking mixes and 300 small serving cups for event guests. The teams added their own elements to create a new dessert. 

- Desserts were baked at home pre-event and set up on tables at the event.  Tables could be decorated by the teams also. 

- Event guests (tickets $20) enjoyed tasting all of the desserts at a local brewery


 The event was a fun corporate engagement tool and incorporated the mission of the organization.


Each team had a fundraising page to garner votes pre-event and generate support for the "people's choice" award.  


Gross Proceeds:  $42k

  • Client:Workshops Empowerment
  • Event Type:Peer Fundraising - In-Person Cooking Competition
  • Features Used:Ticketing (In-Person),


  1. Manage in-person ticketing and team ticketing with seamless peer fundraising tools
  2. Track team attendance
  3. Provide an easy way for friends to support team fundraisers
  4. Smooth check-in using the Swell check-in app
  5. Sell tickets on site (used the ticket QR code)
  6. On-site giving with peer fundraising integrated


  1. Utilize Swell's ticketing and email editor to automate in-person and team ticketing.  
  2. Use the  team fundraising pages to  facilitate peer fundraising
  3. Leaderboards keep score automatically. 
  4. QR codes used for on-site giving and at-the-door ticket sales
  5. Check-in application used to streamline guest entry
  6. Support - these events can seem complicated but the Swell team makes it easy. 

sWell always had my back


  • Raised $42,150
  • Engaged corporate sponsors
  • Generated awareness for the WE Made products
  • Started a new, exciting event
  • we bake off

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