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Ensure registration of ALL guests and engage in giving with fundraising pages, text and screen apps.

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Instantly expand the reach of your events and campaigns with peer to peer fundraising and sharing.

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Use Swell's integrated presentation app to create more energy for giving and sharing.ents.
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Hybrid Event: Breakfast Fundraiser

"This was the most successful breakfast we’ve had since we first started the event 4 years ago." ~Childcare Resources

Virtual Event: Annual "We Believe" Event

"We raised significantly more in advance of the event." ~ YWCA Central Carolina

Competitive Fundraiser: Dancing with the Stars

"Our best year yet - Thanks again for being a reliable, steady, and patient partner." ~First Light

Hybrid Events Since 2012

In 2012, Swell launched the first hybrid event with in-person and virtual guests connected and giving real-time.  


We believe:


(1) Events can reach more people if we think beyond the venue.  Use tech to reach more people.


(2) Events, like campaigns, are intrinsically peer-to-peer.  (Friends invite friends.)


(3) Increasing individual gifts through events and campaigns builds a pipeline for your longer term fund development strategy.


We can serve many of your fundraising needs. 


With Swell, you can launch hybrid events, engaging in-person experiences, virtual events,  online campaigns, and custom donation pages. 


Find out why Swell is rated #1 in Customer Support.   


Campaign / Event Website

Use our templates to quickly create and share your campaign/event site. Display real-time fundraising, leaderboards and more.


Unmatched Support

Training calls, Hands-On Support, Daily Checklists, E-Books and more to ensure you succeed


Fundraising Display

The coolest fundraising display on the market. Show real-time fundraising updates alongside your slide deck (bonus: virtual guests show here too!)

iPhone Mocup

Virtual Events

Donations, Sharing, Online Chat for Guests, Livestream, & Leaderboards Connected to the In-Person giving. "The best virtual event I attended all year."


Hybrid Ticketing

Impress your guests with in-person and virtual ticket option. Customize system emails to ensure a flawless experience for both groups.


Smooth Registration/CheckIn

Give your guests a great experience from the start. Registration/Ticketing management for a smooth checkin.

"We could not have done it without the Swell platform.


Thank you"


Whit Whitman, Centro Hispano de East TN

"The event was a HUGE success!


The platform was amazing and we received so much positive feedback."


Alex Buck, SVP Chicago

"This was the most successful breakfast we’ve had since we first started the event 4 years ago.


Thanks to Swell we actually hit our budgeted goal AHEAD of the event."


Morgan Emahiser, Childcare Resources

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