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Events are more than just ticketing.

Ensure registration of ALL guests and engage in giving with fundraising pages, text and screen apps.

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Expand your impact.

Instantly expand the reach of your events and campaigns with peer to peer fundraising and sharing.

See How Others Expanded Their Impact

Excite your guests.

Use Swell's integrated presentation app to create more energy for giving and sharing.ents.
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You Are First

Your brand is first. Donor data is yours. Your success is our top priority.

You Can Adapt

Start a simple online campaign. Then, try virtual fundraising, text to donate, peer to peer and more.

We Help.

Not tech-savvy? No problem! For our low monthly fee, Swell is a software company you can call. Campaign specialists provide fundraising expertise to help you succeed.

Online Fundraising Tools and Expertise

Not sure how to succeed online?  We'll show you the steps to success.


Software alone does not raise funds.  With Swell, you can launch online campaigns, custom donation pages and virtual events PLUS join our proven Swell Online Success system. 


Find out why Swell is rated #1 in Customer Support and provides a full guarantee.   


Campaign / Event Website

Use our templates to quickly create and share your event site. Display fundraising and leaderboards.


Swell Online Success

Training calls, Daily Checklists, E-Books and more to ensure you succeed online


Fundraising Display

Automatic access to an interactive social and fundraising wall for your guests. Customize with your slides to create one, seamless, interactive display.

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Virtual Events

Donations, Sharing, Online Chat for Guests, Livestream and Leaderboards.



Easily accept online donations before, during and after your event.


Smooth Registration/CheckIn

Give your guests a great experience from the start. Registration/Ticketing management for a smooth checkin.

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