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About Swell

We’re not your average tech company—we started in your shoes, from within the nonprofit sector.


Our Founder, Brooke Battle, was what we like to call a “serial board member.”  Having chaired many fundraising events, she recognized that the events could reach more people and raise more if they used technology strategically and operated like a campaign.   She thought of her friends who could not attend an event because of soccer games, work obligations, illness and more but who would love to connect.


The first event utilizing the Swell platform (then called Smart Party) occurred in 2012 and demonstrated the power of a hybrid event to drive donor acquisition and cause awareness.   Hybrid events are not new to Swell.   Today, nonprofits rely on Swell for many features including an innovative table host management tool, hybrid ticketing, easy and integrated event giving and a virtual module.   Some clients use all of our features, while others may only need a few.    


Over the years, we've built a software company that we would want to work with.  This means dedicated support, patience, advice, transparency and dedication to nonprofit success.

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