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The Swell Difference

You have options when it comes to choosing fundraising software for your nonprofit.  We love Swell and we think you will too.  Here's why:


• Our software was designed by nonprofit pros for non-profit pros. It's a simple, nonprofit-centered approach to online giving. 
• Need to host an event? Just add tickets and you're ready. 
• Mobile giving? DONE.
• Sponsors want you to link to them?  EASY. Their logo and link will appear on ALL of your pages. 
Fundraising Thermometer? Yes, we have that too. 
•  We know you're busy. We provide support and training whenever you need it so you don't have to spend your valuable time figuring it out.  Our software is extremely user-friendly, but we're always here to help if you get stuck.  
•Your fundraisers do not create a login with Swell and we will not communicate them outside of your campaign because, at Swell, your donor data always belongs to YOU
•  We guarantee success. If you don't make more than you spend on Swell, we will refund the difference.
And, no, we won't make you sit through a high-pressure sales call to find out how much it costs.  Click the learn more button to give us your email—we'll reply with an information packet.


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In the dashboard, you set up your campaign from branding images to content to sponsors!


Your fundraisers can easily sign up to support your cause.  No logins, no invitations to other campaigns, no friction. Only fundraising for you.


Integrate your account or setup an account with our payment partner, CardPointe, to receive funds quickly.  CardPointe rates are 3.99% and .25/transaction (as of 1/15/2019). 


Software doesn't raise money.  PEOPLE do.  Swell's experienced team is here to support you.   Choose a company that provides real people to support you.
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