American Cancer Society Birmingham

Steel City Soiree

Ticketed event

The American Cancer Society used Swell to highlight sponsors and their mission.

inaugural Steel CIty Soiree

The Steel City Soiree recognizes the city's top professional men and women as ambassadors of the community. Each year the committee will choose an honoree appropriately deemed The Man, Woman, Boy, or Girl of Steel. By sharing his or her story, this honoree will inspire and encourage the ambassadors and their teams with their fundraising efforts! The 2017 Boy of Steel is six-year-old, Walker S.
  • Client: American Cancer Society /  Birmingham, Al
  • Event Type:Ticketed Event 
  • Other:Honoree-Focused


  1. Kick-off an inaugural event and social media campaign
  2. Highlight fifteen ambassadors committed to raise money for ACS
  3. Encourage activity and fundraising high before and during the event
  4. Keep the mission and Boy of Steel as the focus 
  5. Sell tickets online and on-site
  6. Have an easy way to accept donations anywhere, anytime


  1. Utilize Swell's website templates to create and brand an event website with focus on the 2017 Boy of Steel
  2. Sell tickets
  3. Display ambassadors
  4. Encourage fundraising through leaderboards and pre-made social media share buttons
  5. Use Swell's on-site apps to engage guests and thank ambassadors
  6. Utilize the iPad App to create easy check-in and at-the-door sales
  7. Utilize Swell's iPad app at Ambassador reveal party to kick-start donations and help ambassadors reach their goal

Swell made fundraising for our event so much more efficient & easier for the people who were raising money for [us]!


  • $40,620 raised
  • Over $30k raised before the event started

  • 6,683 visits to the event/campiagn website


  • Boy of Steel
  • American Cancer Society Attendees
  • American Cancer Society attendees
  • Walker

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