YWCA Central Alabama

KIDS Korner Luncheon

Tabled Event

The YWCA believes those who have the least deserve the very best start in life.

2017 KIDS Korner Luncheon

The YWCA Central Alabama uses Swell to manage tables online and put the power in the table hosts' hands so they can focus on raising money for kids in need.  


The annual Kids Korner Luncheon benefits the KIDS Korner, a nationally-accredited child development program for children of homeless families. This luncheon is a not-to-miss tradition and a well-known event around town. With bright and fun decor, great food, and heart-tugging videos of children, there's no way you leave this luncheon without donating and fully understanding the mission and heart of the YWCA.

  • Client: YWCA of Central Alabama
  • Event Type:Tabled Event 
  • Other:Junior Board Driven


  1. Elevate a long standing annual fundraising event 
  2. Gain more donors
  3. Raise awareness
  4. Manage tables online
  5. Allow Table hosts to sign up online for their tables (free) and invite and manage their own guest list
  6. Log various donation types all in one place (online gifts, checks, sponsorships, etc)


  1. Utilize Swell's event management platform to build and brand an event website
  2. Easy-to-use Table process for hosts and junior board
  3. Manage tables and guest lists
  4. Accept and record multiple donation types
  5. Track fundraising and social activity with leaderboards before and during the event

Swell sets the sky as the limit for how much we can raise!


  • $178,924 raised
  • Over 390 individual donations 

  • 51,584 visits to the event website
  • 60 tables managed 
  • Revenue increase by 31% 
  • 181 donors who did not attend
  • 227 new donors to the organization


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