Women's Fund of Hawai`i

Tea & Champagne

Tabled event

These women use Swell in the name of fundraising and chocolate.

Tea & champagne 2017

The Women’s Fund of Hawai'i holds an annual event like no other. Their Tea and Champagne event, is a fun-filled evening of fundraising and networking that features special tea, champagne, cool prizes, and, of course, dessert! Tables start competing and fundraising against each other weeks before the event to claim the title of Top Table. Why? Because the tables get to descend upon the dessert table in fundraising order and this is one you don't want to miss. Filled to the brim with the finest macaroons, pastries, and decadent cakes, there's a reason people can't stop talking about the Dessert Dash!
  • Client: Women's Fund of Hawai`i
  • Event Type:Tabled Event
  • Other: Competitive Fundraising


  1. Continue a long-standing traditional event while also bringing new (and user friendly) ways to fundraise 
  2. Keep the competition going from start to finish
  3. Sell tables and sponsorships online 
  4. Share event information 
  5. Make donating easy 
  6. Encourage competitive fundraising amongst individuals and tables 
  7. Engage guests and donors before and during the event
  8. Allow guests to visually see fundraising competition / totals 


  1. Utilize Swell's platform to create a fun and informative event website
  2. Allow guests and sponsors to purchase tables online
  3. Easily accept donations pre-event as well as during the event
  4. Use leaderboards and on-site app to display fundraising
  5. Real-time social media feed

increased signature event revenue by 50% since partnership


  • 30 tables sold and managed online (each with 10 guests)
  • Increase online presence with  18,072 visits to the event website
  • Engage online with guests by displaying 300+ related social media posts
  • Over 360 individual online donations
  • Raised $135,170
  • 20+ fundraisers participated virtually


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