Episcopal Diocese of Alabama

Sawyerville Summer Challenge

Online Campaign

The Episcopal Diocese needed an easy, fun, and on-brand fundraiser to support their summer camp.

Sawyerville Summer challenge

The Sawyerville Summer Camp is a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Alabama that creates opportunities for children and youth through free summer programs, mentoring, and scholarships. For their Summer Challenge fundraiser, they ran an online only 2 week campaign that included a matching gift from a sponsor. With Swell's help, here's what they accomplished:
  • Client: Episcopal Diocese of Alabama / Sawyerville Summer Camp
  • Event Type:Online Campaign
  • Other:Participation-Focused


  1. Create a two-week, online only fundraiser.
  2. Match the camp's existing branding.
  3. Keep donors and supporters engaged throughout the fundraiser.
  4. Display fundraising progress.
  5. Add in matching an offline matching grant to be reflected in the grand total.
  6. Update the website easily as the fundraiser progresses. 


  1. Quickly created an online fundraiser through Swell's user dashboard
  2. Empowered campers to make decisions about donation incentives
  3. Sell tickets to for Pie in the Face and Cool Down challenges
  4. Encouraged fundraising through leaderboards and pre-made social media share buttons
  5. Used Swell's dashboard to add offline transactions so the event website would reflect the true total
  6. Updated the page when to show completed goals and staff participation

We gained dozens of new donors in just a few short days and with minimal effort on our part!


  • $33, 335 raised
  • 223 individual transactions 

  • 203 registered fundraisers


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