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inaugural Community of Lights Campaign

The Junior League of Birmingham launched the Community of Lights Centennial Campaign in early 2017 with a commitment to raising $1.25 million over the next 5 years. To celebrate and commemorate the Junior League of Birmingham's 100th Anniversary, The JLB has committed to provide One Place Metro Alabama Family Justice Center the lead gift to acquire and remodel a space for operations. This effort kicked off in partnership with 20 Torchbearers who will pass their torches to a new set of committed advocates in 2018. And the cycle will continue until The JLB reaches its' zenith in 2022 with the success of 100 Torchbearers and their supporters. 
  • Client: Junior League of Birmingham
  • Event Type:Online Campaign 
  • Other:Ticketed Event, Person-Focused Fundraising (Torchbearers)


  1. Launch an inaugural event (which will be a continuing effort for 5 years)
  2. Create an interactive online campaign
  3. Capture new donors
  4. Highlight / Honor specific fundraisers (torchbearers)
  5. Raise $200,000
  6. Make donating easy
  7. Allow donors and torchbearers to see their own fundraising efforts clearly


  1. Utilize Swell's peer-to-peer fundraising tools and event platform to create a fun and personal  online campaign + event
  2. Easy-to-use website template allows for multiple tabs to highlight and honor torchbearers
  3. Allow donors to credit their gift to someone specific
  4. Accept donations pre-event, during the event and post-event (online + credit card swipes on-site)
  5. Capture new donors for the League
  6. Track and encourage fundraising and donations through the website leaderboards and on-site with a visual app

Download a written summary of the Junior League of Birmingham's Community of Lights Campaign.  Click Here

How wonderful 
to have 
technology to support
non-profit fundraising 
and what a difference it has made!


  • 56% of campaign given my non-league members

  • 18,386 visits to the event/campaign website
  • 624 first-time donors
  • Over 859 individual donations
  • Raised $261,174


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