First Light Hybrid Event

Dancing with the Stars Fundraising Event

Hybrid Event

In-Person + Virtual Audience

First Light's Dancing with the Stars event reaches new heights!


First Light shelter annually welcomes approximately 400 guests to a nearby theatre to support 10 dance pairs in a battle of entertainment and fundraising.  In the weeks leading up to the event, tickets and fundraising are calculated to see who will be awarded the Crowd Favorite and winner of the event.  Most importantly, it raises critical funds for the First Light women's shelter.  It's a fun, peer to peer fundraising concept that ends with a wonderful, upbeat performance. 

With Swell, First Light increased their revenue from this event by 50%.  How?

This event needed several elements to help them grow.  The first need was to SAVE TIME.  The team at First Light was handling a lot of ticketing communication manually and the fundraising totals had to be updated manually.  Introducing integrated ticketing with peer to peer giving automated all of this pre-event work and saved valuable time.  


Fortunately, the Swell ticketing process seamless integrates with a virtual module where guests can watch, give and see results real-time.   The real-time reporting of the dance team leaderboard created more giving and reach for the event. 


First Light utilizes the Swell Next license level of $1500 plus a 1% software fee on processed funds.   


For additional information, download the case study here. 

  • Client:First Light
  • Event Type:Hybrid Event 
  • Features Used:Ticketing (In-Person + Virtual Tickets), Event Website, Text-to-Donate, Virtual Event Module


  1. Manage in-person and virtual guest registration seamlessly without taking valuable staff time
  2. Automate communication to different attendee groups to reduce staff time and guest questions
  3. Provide an easy platform, integrated with the ticketing, for friends to support dance teams
  4. Provide an easy tool for dance teams to share and gather support through fundraising pages
  5. Keep score in real-time
  6. Provide leaderboard updates real-time to an in-person and virtual audience
  7. Integrated giving -- in-person and virtual audience giving is calculated and posted real-time so that the crowd favorite competition is always current
  8. Create an easy solution for virtual guests to login and connect with the in-person audience


  1. Utilize Swell's hybrid ticketing and email editor to automate both in-person and virtual guest communication.  (Saving nonprofit staff HOURS of time)
  2. Use the event website & content manager to display information about the dance teams and provide an easy path for friends to give or register on behalf of a team.  
  3. Leaderboards keep score automatically. 
  4. Utilize the Virtual Event Module to host guests online for a true online event experience where the livestream, leaderboard, donor giving and guest conversation could be enjoyed simultaneously
  5. Utilize text to donate function for in-person guests to support a dance team during the event (giving via text is visible on the virtual module so that all donor regardless of location can enjoy the real-time fundraising and donor acknowledgement)
  6. Support - these events can seem complicated to build on software but our team makes it easy.
Download a written summary of the Magic City Stars Event.  Click Here

sWell always had my back


  • 454 individual  donors

  • 435 virtual event guests from 56 cities
  • Raised $97,000
  • Reached family and friends across the country, increased support by $30,000
  • Peer to Peer fundraising

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